Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Mary always helps - a small miracle

On Thursday (25th of June), I decided to go to a farther away city where the Franciscans have a church. I decided to go there because the Franciscans have a regular schedule for hearing confessions which our church probably only has on the great feasts of the Church.

Considering the distance, I had to go take a train. The train already did not come on time and I thought I would not make it for confession anymore, but gladly I did.
As I arrived at the Franciscan church, I noticed a man there, waiting. I went to the confessional, but there was no priest in I asked the man I saw and he said there hasn't been anyone in there yet. He seemed to have been waiting for a while since the priest was not there for more than half of the time already. Anyhow, the man - after waiting a couple more minutes - decided to leave.

So there I was in the Franciscan church, alone, without a priest. I waited a couple of minutes; still no Franciscan showed up. I was getting more and more uneasy and I started to go back and forth and I noticed the Marian statue near the confessional; it had a kneeler in front of it.
I then decided to light a candle, kneel down and pray.

I still know that I told Mother Mary she would not abandon a child asking for her powerful intercession and that all who entrust themselves to her motherly love would be helped. With that thought in mind, I asked her to pray for me and ask for God's mercy that a priest may come so I would be able to go to confession that day.

And then it happened: a Franciscan priest came!

Thank Mary, the Mother of God, I was able to be reconciled to the Lord through confession.

Sub Tuum
We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God;
despise not our petitions in our necessities,
but deliver us always from all dangers,
O glorious and blessed Virgin. Amen.

Deo gratias!

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